Open Community Virtual Mentoring

Open Community Virtual Mentoring

To provide our services to boys not attending school at one of our partner locations, we hold biweekly evening meetings that are open to all boys interested in attending.

We offer an open community virtual mentoring program.

This includes boys from 13-17 years old.

We will limit participation to 10 boys. We will meet twice a month for 1 hour. Every other week. Each session will last for 4 months.

As we fill each session, we will start a new one.

Once they have completed their session, they will have an opportunity to attend our Adventure weekend.

There are no costs for our programs.

Parents and guardians interested in their young man attending these groups are encouraged to email or call our office (713-823-5980) to speak directly to a staff member to determine if the Open Community Group will be a good fit.