History of Boys To Men

Boys to Men was founded by Herb Sigurdson, Joe Sigurdson, and Craig McClain in San Diego, California in 1996. Herb Sigurdson was a former Executive Director of Father Flanagan’s Boys Town, and saw the need and opportunity to begin a boys mentoring organization. The San Diego organization now mentors in more than 35 schools, and provides support for Boys to Men organizations throughout the USA, and the world.

Cofounders Craig McClain & Joe Sigurdson

Boys to Men Texas was registered in Texas by Lamont Grogan in 2010. Lamont and his volunteers mentored boys through an informal network of teachers and counsellors until growth required a more sustainable approach to mentoring an increasing number of boys.

Boys to Men Texas received its 501 (c)(3) non profit status in 2012, and through the efforts of a dozen dedicated men, Boys to Men Texas mentoring groups were introduced into several schools in the Houston area. Counsellors and teachers reacted positively to the impact that Boys to Men Texas mentoring made, and the program has continued to serve schools in the Houston area.

Boys to Men Texas has been actively mentoring in multiple Houston area school districts, including Houston ISD, CyFair ISD, YES Prep Schools, and the Houston CAN Academy. In addition to in-school mentoring, we conduct boys adventure weekends, and host post weekend "journeyman groups", where Saturdays of sport or play are alternated with Saturdays of working in circles, and discussing the issues of growing up.

BTMT is an independent entity, governed by our own Board of Directors, although we work closely with other Boys to Men organizations. BTMT has representatives in the major cities in Texas but has not yet begun active mentoring sessions in those cities.

The mentoring curriculum used by Boys to Men Texas is derived from the original materials that San Diego produced, modified to meet the needs of Texas schools and boys. We continue to utilize the resources of the San Diego to ensure that our mentoring materials reflect best practices and embody the latest research into dealing with adolescent boys.