Since 1996, the Boys to Men curriculum has been adopted in over 17 cities throughout the United States and over 9 international centers in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

In 2009, Boys To Men San Diego asked a program evaluation consultant to develop a survey to measure the long-term effects of the program. This survey was given to 22 boys, age 21-27, who attended the first Boys to Men weekend in 1997.

Every young man said Boys to Men had a profound, positive impact his life.

“I have become both a husband and father, and have learned how to be both responsible and accountable for my own actions. All this started with my first weekend.”

77% say they were more prepared to deal with their anger issues, and were able to build stronger relationships because of Boys to Men.

“Just because my dad wasn’t there for me does not mean that I have to suffer for it.”

85% said they gained respect for both themselves and others, and still live by that belief.

“I learned how to forgive people and how to be a better person.”

92% say they were more compassionate, and began to consider the feelings of others, thanks to their Boys to Men experience.

“Boys to Men taught all of us about our options in life, and how to deal with our emotions. It was great having someone there for me.”

100% think that all boys should experience the Boys to Men program.

“I still hold on to the things I learned ten years ago. Boys to Men helped me keep the important values of life in focus. I have a big heart and live a healthy lifestyle.

100% believe Boys to Men helped them become better men.

These boys are now men are now adults utilizing the skills learned from Boys to Men in their daily lives with their friends, families, coworkers, and communities. We believe that change happens every time a young man makes a decision to work towards being the best version of himself.