Updates from Boys to Men Texas

School Programs The past months have been a challenge to the Boys to Men Texas mentoring program. Once the Covid-19 restrictions were implemented we lost all contact with the boys in our program. Our boys have been locked down for the last 6 months. As schools begin their start ups, our plan is to be … Read more

Why Zoom?: An Overview

The safety of the Virtual Mentoring Program for all participating boys and mentors is our top priority. We have instituted several policies and additional security protocols into the curriculum to uphold a level of group confidentiality that makes everyone feel protected in virtual meetings. PRIVATE MEETINGS An NPR article recently exposed the problems that can … Read more

USD Case Study Highlights the Impact of Boys to Men

Purpose of Project Because at-risk youth are more likely to experience failure in school or drop out, schools continue to look for effective interventions for school-related problems affecting at-risk youth. Proponents of mentoring programs hypothesize that mentoring programs could be part of the answer to these problems; however, little research has been conducted evaluating the … Read more